Sini Sabotage, one of the most iconic female vocalists in Finnish rap genre, made a groundbreaking impact with her nationally famous hit “Levikset repee”.

She was competing in this year’s UMK contest with her song “Kuori Mua” which has a really personal meaning behind it. As Sini says “In this song, you can hear how people’s comments about what they imagined I was like and how hostile it made them, affected my self-image, both publicly and personally. Now, for the first time, I feel like I’m being seen for who I really am.”

Sini is currently taking a break from music and staying busy by hosting the popular “Cheers To Ugly Me” podcast with Sergey Hilman, as well as pursuing her great passion: fashion design. Additionally, this summer, Sini’s familiar voice can be heard on Suomi RAP’s morning radio.