You can call Rosanna a Professional Chatterbox! Whether it’s hosting events, podcasts or clothing hauls in her Stories, Rosanna is a skilled audio professional who drives to fill her partners expectations to the fullest. Rosanna has been an entrepreneur since 2015 planning and organizing events with her company RK Promotions Oy. She has been in several different Finnish TV shows, her most recent being Survivors (2023), It’s Finland’s most popular show where contestants are tested mentally and physically. She also has done hosting on the radio (Finnish NRJ) and has run her own podcast since 2018. In January 2024 she launched her newest podcast called “Mitä mielessä?” on one of Finland’s biggest podcast platforms, Podimo.

Rosanna’s priority is making her platform a safe space for people struggling with mental wellbeing by shedding light on the everyday struggles everyone of us can relate to. She encourages her followers to be true to their own styles yet, never taking yourself too seriously. Her social media presence is lighthearted with a bit of spice aiming to create a supportive community together with her followers. Och samma på svenska.