Jenna is a well-known personality across various television formats as well as gaining recognition from her co-hosting roles on one of the leading postcasts in Finland called “Nikotellen” and “Mutsiputki”. Jenna is a talented storyteller and an extremely entertaining personality which is why her followers love to hear about her life on and off social media. With a skill for sharing unfiltered glimpses into her daily life, Jenna offers her audience an authentic portrayal of motherhood, navigating the joys and challenges of having a newborn, as well as insights into her life in Northern Finland. She recently started a new podcast called “Terkuin, Jenna” that allows you to get to know her on a deeper and more personal level than ever before. If you’re looking for a firecracker and humorous content creator on TikTok and Instagram or a great host for your next event, Jenna is the way to go!